July 27, 2014

Sweet baby "J"

Meet Mr "J", the third of the bunch who is just so sweet and dimply as the other two.  I was so happy to be able to spend time with this sweet boy who was not even a day old in these pictures! Thank you to his mommy for letting me love on him and get my baby fix :)

Love is in the air...

This "artsy" couple is so adorable and I loved getting to know the story of how they became a couple... let's just say Mr "R" didn't necessarily give off the greatest first impression tubing down the salt river with Miss "J" and friends, lol!!!  I wish these two the happiest of years to come and I look forward to your wedding next May :)

July 26, 2014

Miss "G" turns 5...

I have no excuse as to why I am not blogging! I honestly forgot all about it... even my personal family blog as well!  So bare with me as this is the first of many blogs to come in the coming days :)

Meet Miss "G", the cutest 5 year old that ever existed! I have known this sweet girl since she was a little over a year old and she and my daughter have remained friends over the years... and it helps that her mom and I are friends as well :)  Anyway, I loved getting to know her on a one on one basis and seeing her funny personality soar!  Happy birthday Miss "G" and I look forward to many more to come. PS- your Frozen birthday party was the BEST ever!!