March 24, 2014

Miss "S"...

Meet the very beautiful Miss "S", a senior, who is off to GCU in the Fall! She is one of the girls that I would totally want to hang out with if I were in high school. She is kind, sweet, smart, and goofy when she wants to be which made for a fun night of shooting!

March 21, 2014

Mr "A" and Mr "M"...

I just can't get enough of these boys! They have so much personality, especially Mr. "M" going around asking people what they were doing, what was their name, and telling them about games to download on their phone! Hahaha, he cracks me up! Happy birthday (almost) to you boys!! xoxoxo

March 8, 2014

Mr. "J" and family

A big congratulations goes out to Mr. "J" errr... should I say Dr. "J", as he received his Doctor of Health Sciences yesterday. It was so nice getting to know his whole family, especially his father and mother who flew in from the UK.